old ZIP drive?

Paul Warren s3292467 at student.anu.edu.au
Thu Aug 23 17:26:03 EST 2001

hmm, I'll see if i can con dad into letting me put a nic into his machine,
it's running windows tho, isn't that a risky thing to be doing  ;o)

I thought about doing a PLIP link, but windows appears to have little or no support for this.

Paul Warren
s3292467 at student.anu.edu.au
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> On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Paul Warren wrote:
> > or any other Alternate methods of transferring files from a windows
> > box to a linux box would also be helpful!
> If you're happy enough to drop an ethernet card into both, I'd suggest
> going that route. It has numerous other distinct advantages!
> You can pick up old 10mbit cards for nothing. 100mbit cards can be had for
> $35 (probably a _lot_ cheaper, depending on where you go; this is just an
> upper limit).
> > Paul Warren
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