amavis needing arc ?

Stephen Granger linux-boy at
Wed Aug 22 11:10:02 EST 2001

On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 01:09:39AM +1000, Neil Symons wrote:
> I've downloaded the latest amavis but I cannot get past the configuration script which checks for installed components.
> It is looking for "arc", but I seem to cannot find what package that uses it or can find the whereabouts of it.

>From the site, take the link "technical information and 
Installation instructions" (amavis.html) and in section 2.4.10 you will see the
links to the metalab mirror for linux compression tools. There you will find
arc, unrar, unarj, an old version of lha with probably (99%) won't work, zoo, 
and the linux diff for zoo. 

Have you started looking into the perl module dependicies yet? good luck, one
of the Archieve modules is broke, and one hasn't been available for a while.
You'll have to look at amavis-faq.php3 to find versions of these that work.

> I'd appeciate if someone could let me know what I should be looking for!
> System: Debian

I don't know if you could apt-get most of these files, atleast the perl modules.

If you have any other dependence issues with it, email me, or see me thursday,
I'm the guy who walks in at around 8:45-9pm... kinda late...

Amavis is <MA +15> a real fucking bastard </MA +15> to setup, or maybe I'm 
just very dumb ?;-{. I'm currently running amavis-perl11, after trying to get 
the lastest snapshot going for four weeks with no luck, I got amavis-perl 
running in a couple of hours.


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