CPU fan for old Pentium

Damien Elmes rapport at repose.cx
Mon Aug 20 01:46:49 EST 2001

David Gibson <david at gibson.dropbear.id.au> writes:

> I've just revived my old Pentium 90, and I'm planning on using it as
> my home gateway.  Although it does seem to work, the CPU fan appears
> to have died (it just kind of jiggles pathetically).  Anyone know
> where I could find a suitable replacement fan?  This is a mid-1995 era
> machine.

I'm afraid mine got converted into a novelty case airflow assist fan
(along with two proper sized ones). The computer fairs seem to have a
few stalls with old hardware, and they're on almost every weekend now.
That might be a good place to look.


Damien Elmes
resolve at repose.cx

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