David Murn davey at
Sun Aug 19 17:19:08 EST 2001

On Sat, 18 Aug 2001, PsyeX wrote:

> What sort of interest is there out there for FreeBSD? If people are
> interested enough, I would be happy to give a demonstration on how to
> install a FreeBSD system, compiling a basic kernel, setting up for DSL,
> whatever...

One thing I would be interested in, I dunno if anyone out there knows much
about freebsd and in particular its network stack and the concept of

For those not familiar with pipes, its something similar to shaper, being
able to restrict the bandwidth a certain chain has.

My problem arises when Im downloading a file or webpage for example, and I
stop the transfer.  The information is still in the pipe (acts like a
fifo).  A tcpdump shows that after I stop the transfer, the packets there
still keep coming down my connection (only to be met by reset

Is there any way to cause the pipes to recognize this connection has been
closed, and remove any packets in the fifo belonging to that
connection?  The reason is that if the pipe is say 30k and is limited to
1k/sec then that pipe can block for 30 seconds.

Is there a patch or an option that removes all packets in the pipe once a
reset is received?  Or even some sort of connection tracking which can
simply stop it being limited by the pipe.

Hoping someone here may have some ideas, even though it is off topic, but
oh well.


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