Sparc bits wanted

Conrad Canterford conrad at
Thu Aug 16 23:25:15 EST 2001

Hi all,
I know I asked about some of this previously, but I'm kinda hoping the
answer will have changed since then.
I have recently been given 2 Sparcstation 2's, and (not at all recently)
a Sparcstation 5. However, I need some bits to make use of them:
- 2 x SS2 NVRAM chips.
- 1 x SS2 Power supply (:-)).
- 1 x 30pin 4Mb SIMM (as used in 386's and early 486's).
- ??? x 168pin SS5 memory
- 1 (or 2 if possible) SBUS Framebuffers suitable for SS2 and/or SS5.
- If anyone has some working SCSI disks suitable for either of these
machines, that would also be useful.

Regarding the NVRAM chips - I don't want to pay $60ea plus shipping to
get them from Sun Ripened Kernels, since I know what is involved in
programming them and can do it myself. If someone can tell me where (and
if possible, how much) I can buy the chips unprogrammed, that is ideal.

Money is the main issue - I'm happy to pay something for stuff, but
please be reasonable! (And no promises I can afford it immediately).

If I can get these working, they will be running linux (and hence the
relevance, such as it is, to this list).


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