weirdness with 2.4.8-ac5

Steven Hanley sjh at
Thu Aug 16 13:46:16 EST 2001


I just booted a 2.2.17 box into 2.4.8-ac5 yesterday, in 2.2.17 all was fine, I
upgraded modutils to a recent version in the process so that works.

Anywayy the problem is with networking. There is no firewall in the way on
either machine, I can ping the ip addresses of both machines from the other
machine. However no tcp traffic seems to work between the two machines (the
other machine has not been changed and was working fine talking to this
computer when it was still in 2.2.17)

Anyway if i try to ssh or even nc hostname 300 and on hostname run nc -l 300
no traffic gets through. I see acks come over, but the hostname mahcne never
sends anything back.

Anyone have any idea what this could be? is there some config thing I have to
set in 2.4.8-ac5 to allow it to network properly. (I dont have ecn compiled in
even though that would not be a problem if it were)

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