Console Messages (PAM_UNIX.....)

Peter Barker pbarker at
Mon Aug 13 12:45:15 EST 2001

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Neil Symons wrote:

> Pam_UNIX(XXXX) (Cron) Session Opened by USER ....
> I've gone through syslogd.conf, and have read up on at and cron and
> cannot see anything on how to push it to a log file. It shows up when

I believe you were looking in the right place. You were restarting or
HUPing syslogd whilst testing?

On my box, "" is where those messages are sent, so you are
looking for something like: /dev/console
*.info /dev/console
auth.* /dev/console

> I do a dmesg

Now that is weird. dmesg should have zilch to do with anything PAM
does. If something screwy is happening there, you could possibly work
around it by changing the kernel loglevel - but I wouldn't recommend it!

> -- Neil

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