Roaring pengiun (fwd)

Mark Purcell mark at
Sun Aug 12 14:44:22 EST 2001

On Sun, Aug 12, 2001 at 12:10:59PM +1000, alfred wrote:
> I always thought that it was safer (and just as effective) to disable 
> the ip addr for the external (to ADSL modem) ip addr, it makes it that 
> much harder to get past the firewall then.
> And Tim, my Alcatel Speedtouch home does have the interface 
> on it, complete with the lovely webserver and everything ;)

I'm not suggesting that you leave your interface configured for the
Speedtouch interface.  But it is useful for testing to see if your
link between computer and Speedtouch is working.

Then again.  Not having the interface enabled on the Linux side isn't
going to make a whole lot of difference if someone is that far inside your system.
Ie everything coming from the speedtouch should be treated with
a high level of suspicion.


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