looking for a new laser printer compatible with linux

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Sun Aug 12 12:08:24 EST 2001

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On 11/08/01, 12:30:32 PM, Damien Elmes <rapport at repose.cx> wrote regarding 
looking for a new laser printer compatible with linux:

> hello there, everyone,

> we've grown sick of replacing the ink in our existing bubblejet, and
> decided it's time to fork out for a laser printer. i've had a quick
> look on cougar.com.au, and they have an epson model which looks
> interesting, although it can only do postscript v2 without an
> 'optional extra'.

> is there any place in canberra or any printer that you guys could
> recommend? i'm looking at < $900 if possible, has to be EPP parallel
> or CAT-5 (although finding a network printer at that price is a
> pipe-dream :-)

I brought a laser printer from Lotus Trading In Oaks Estate.  It is a 
Lexmark Optra R+ and I'm quite wrapped in it.  It has network and 
parallel support and is supported under linux.  Give them a try for a 
second hand printer or give Cougar computers a try for a new one.  There 
service is really good and they provide a 3 year warranty on all stuff bought

> any advice'd be appreciated.

> cheers!

> --
> Damien Elmes
> rapport at repose.cx

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