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Damien Elmes rapport at
Fri Aug 10 20:08:23 EST 2001

"Mal Beaton" <mbeaton at> writes:

> Its good to see some Canberra People can get fast Internet access. I made
> the mistake of moving to Amaroo. Not Cable no ADSL
> no nothing
> damn

i made the mistake of signing up with telstra broadband. no quality of
service. no guarantee it'll work. no support from the helpdesk when
you sessions 'locks': it's 'linux's fault, and they don't support
that'. ten minutes later you finally get them to unlock the account.

apart from fairly central locations in melb, syd and bris, internet
access in australia isn't anything to shake a stick at.

you are not alone, mal :-)

Damien Elmes
rapport at

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