Connecting to Transact

oscarb oscarb at
Thu Aug 9 23:57:08 EST 2001

Hm.  I had no such problems.  I got connected back in May (I'm in 
Aranda). Cables were installed on a Thursday and I was on the 'net by 
the weekend.  Maybe that was because I was about last in my suburb, but 
you would have thought they'd have a process worked out by now.

As to your earlier question: no problems connecting, that was as easier 
than saying "roaring penguin".  I installed RH 7.0 on an old 486 with 
two network cards to be a permanent router for my home network and 
everything was running fine until I was hacked over the school hols.  
I'm not sure, I'm no sys admin, but I can't explain downloading 330M in 
a day (according to Netspeed) and there are gaps in the few logs that 
were setup by default.  Now I'm learning a lot about firewalls and 
intrusion detection systems.

Good luck with your connection.  I'm sure you'll find it's worth the 
wait.  In the mean time, if your not already familiar with this stuff, 
suggest you check out the security howto, ipchains howto and related 
stuff.  I also found the TrinityOS site useful <

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