Diagnosing sound card.

Michael Brewer mickbrewer at bigpond.com.au
Thu Aug 9 13:55:20 EST 2001


I already sent this mesg but I'm not sure if it got through, so here it is

I have just acquired a Pentium 166 MMX off a friend for free (cool).  I have
just installed linux and am trying to get the sound working.  It has an
inbuilt sound card ( there are 3 jacks at the back, input, output and
microphone which connect to the motherboard).  I have tried using sndconfig
but it cannot find the card (probably because there is no card?) I tried all
the cards on the list that sndconfig provides but none of them worked.

Is there a way to determine what sound capabilities this computer has?
Should I be using a different tool than sndconfig?
Do built in sound cards work with linux?

Thanks for any help


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