upgrade nightmare!

Robert Martinovic mlaich at bigpond.com
Wed Aug 8 18:54:04 EST 2001

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> Robert Martinovic wrote:
> >
> > I really don't know what has happened. I upgraded my debian system last
> > night to unstable, and when I booted today, everything seems broken. For
> > instance, on bootup, iptables spits out a whole bunch of errors, and I
> > this:
> >
> > 'portmapper inactive - RPC services unavailable'
> >
> > I can log on to the net, but it is useless as no DNS is available. I
> > ping another machine on my home lan.
> >
> > Help! I have tried everything I could think of
> Most likely portmap isn't running. Take a look under /etc/rc.d . I don't
> know exactly how that works under debian, but under redhat, it would be
> something like this.
> Look in /etc/rc.d/rc5.d (or rc3.d if you normally run without X). Look
> for a file called S??portmap where ?? is a two digit number. It should
> be a symlink to /etc/rc.d/init.d/portmap . It is probably a good idea if
> the number is greater than the similar one for S??network, but less than
> the other related network ones such as nfs, inet and so on.
> If you have some nice GUI admin tool, it might have a way to configure
> these sorts of things, but it's worth looking at the actual files in the
> system as well to make sure the GUI didn't stuff up.
> If all this is correct start looking though your system logs for
> anything that might be written by portmap as it tries to start. Also do
> a
> ps auxww | grep portmap
> to see if portmap is actually running.

I get this:

daemon        187    0.0    0.3    1392    460    ?            S    17:49
0:00    /sbin/portmap
root             7859   0.0    0.3    1356    500    pts/2      S    18:50
0:00    grep portmap

> Of course, "upgrading" to unstable carries these sorts of risks. Hope
> the above isn't just repeating easy stuff you already know, post back to
> the list if you find more relevant info, but no real solution.

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