mutt locking

Peter Barker pbarker at
Tue Aug 7 10:43:57 EST 2001

On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Steven Hanley wrote:

> does anyone know how to get the mutt 1.2.5i with redhat 7.0 to work on a
> system in which the mail spool and all the other mail files it deals with are
> on NFS?

Not directly; I'm still pining for better things.

However, locking things on nfs has been possible for a while now with the
nfs lockd. Do you have one of those running on each end?

> However when I start up mutt it just beeps and complains about being unable to
> write to the files.

As always, strace it and see.

What you didn't mention in you post was whether the locking actually works
under Debian!

>             Steve

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