Protocol Encapsulation

jeremy at jeremy at
Mon Aug 6 18:07:51 EST 2001

On  6 Aug, Mark Hummel wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Aug 2001, Sam Couter wrote:
>> Mark Hummel <mhummel at> wrote:
>> I think you need to give a little more detail about exactly what you're
>> trying to do. Start with things like where you think each end of the
>> encapsulation should be relative to where your server is and where your
>> clients are.
> I thought I would have to give more detail. Basically, there are three
> machines. One of these machines will be the "server". The other two
> machines (all machines are on a private network) will be clients. I wanted
> all services to have a single wrapper. This wrapper would enforce things
> like only allowing those two clients access to the services on the server.

Can't you just add the clients to the hosts.allow file on the server?

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