Upgrading a disk in place

Sam Couter sam at topic.com.au
Mon Aug 6 15:23:19 EST 2001

Jan Newmarch <jan.newmarch at infotech.monash.edu.au> wrote:
> Copying is okay. Booting from both old (IDE primary) and new disk
> (IDE secondary) is okay, using lilo. But I can't figure out how
> to get lilo to boot from my new disk as primary. If I just
> disconnect the old disk, leaving the new as secondary, it won't
> boot. If I make the new disk the primary then lilo expects the
> old disk and won't boot either.

Use grub. ;)

If you want to stick with lilo:

Make a lilo.conf in /tmp or somewhere, which is a copy of the one in /etc.
This may need to be a directory on your second disk (see the -C option in
the man page; lilo will chroot() to the given directory before doing
anything else).

Modify it so it will install the chainloader into the MBR on your second
disk: boot=/dev/hdc (or whatever your second disk is).

Make sure your lilo files are copied to your second disk, and:
lilo -r /second/disk -C /tmp/lilo.conf

I think you should be able to achieve something similar without the copy of
the config file with:
lilo -r /second/disk -b /dev/hdc
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