Upgrading a disk in place

Jan Newmarch jan.newmarch at infotech.monash.edu.au
Mon Aug 6 14:40:07 EST 2001

I have an old system with a 2G disk that I want to upgrade to 20G
disk. Sine I use it as a server, I don't want to do a fresh
install, but just copy all the info from old disk to new disk,
and then unplug the old disk.

Copying is okay. Booting from both old (IDE primary) and new disk
(IDE secondary) is okay, using lilo. But I can't figure out how
to get lilo to boot from my new disk as primary. If I just
disconnect the old disk, leaving the new as secondary, it won't
boot. If I make the new disk the primary then lilo expects the
old disk and won't boot either.

I don't want to leave the old disk as primary since I can use
that elsewhere. So how can I setup the boot sector to handle a
change of disks?


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