SCSI vs ATA100 on 2.2.16-22 kernal

Brad Hards bhards at
Sun Aug 5 13:10:45 EST 2001

Rasjid wrote:
> However, there are a couple of technical glitches, which I would like to
> resolve quickly, as if it all gets too hard, NT may win by default.
You don't want to do that :-)

> The server concerned is a HP LH3000.  HP have Linux drivers for RH 7.0
> (upon which the current version of e-smith is based), and I have worked
> out how to hack the HP kernal module install script (you run it during
> the install) to (most likely) get it to work with e-smith. Thus we could
> use the built in NetRaid controler with SCSI drives.
I think you should be fine with SCSI - see my private email on an LH3 install.

> I know Promise ( have ATA 100 controler cards, and they
> even have a Linux support page on their website, but it is very poor.
> Has anyone on the list had experience with either these or similar
> cards?  Are there any (either by Promise or someone else) that are
> automatically recognised by RedHat 7.0? has details on a Promise
ATA100 controller with E-smith 4.1.2, and a single drive.

Is the trade-off between a big SCSI drive and combo ata100 card + big IDE
drive really that great? Any numbers?


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