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Wed Aug 1 08:44:29 EST 2001

To all,
Thought you might be interested.
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On 7/31/01 at 10:27 AM Scott Thomason <SThomaso at hii.com> wrote:

>After many stops (and a few starts), I've released an *alpha* version
>of Industrial Linux. It doesn't have any of the cool security stuff in
>it yet; at this point I'm just looking to see if it installs properly
>on other people's systems. If some of you with a spare partition or
>two wouldn't mind, I'd sure appreciate it if you could try installing
>it and tell me what problems you run into.
>You can get the tarball from the download section of:
>    http://sourceforge.net/projects/industriallinux/ 
>I think this URL will take you right to the downloadable files:
>There's a file called INSTALL that explains how to, um, install it.
>You can download the INSTALL file from those links.
>If you download bootfloppy.img, you can copy that to a formatted
>diskette using this command:
>    dd if=bootfloppy.img of=/dev/fd0
>This is a refreshingly small release, occupying under 200M.
>Again, I would sure appreciate a few testers!
>To my knowledge (and I keep a pretty close watch), the packages
>included are the most current stable release, with two exceptions: I
>forgot to upgrade Perl to 5.6.1 (ack!), and I'm sticking with gcc
>2.95.3 until the next stable gcc and glibc come out. The packages
>included in this release are:
>autoconf-2.52 automake-1.4-p5 bash-2.05 bin86-0.16.0 binutils-2.11.2
>bison-1.28 bzip2-1.0.1 cracklib-2.7 cvs-1.11.1p1 devfsd-v1.3.11
>diffutils-2.7 e2fsprogs-1.22 file-3.36 fileutils-4.1 findutils-4.1
>flex-2.5.4a gawk-3.1.0 gcc-2.95.3 gettext-0.10.39 glibc-2.2.3
>grep-2.4.2 groff-1.17.1 gzip-1.2.4a hdparm-4.1 kbd-1.06 less-358
>libtool-1.4 lilo-21.7.5 linux-2.4.7-ac3 lsof_4.57 lynx-2.8.3 m4-1.4
>make-3.79.1 man-1.5i2 man-pages-1.39 modutils-2.4.6 ncurses-5.2
>net-tools-1.60 netkit-base-0.17 openssh-2.9p2 openssl-0.9.6b
>patch-2.5.4 perl-5.6.0 procinfo-18 procps-2.0.7 psmisc-19 sed-3.02
>sh-utils-2.0 shadow-20001016 snarf-7.0 sysklogd-1.4.1 sysvinit-2.80
>tar-1.13 texinfo-4.0 textutils-2.0 util-linux-2.11h vim-5.8-src
>which-2.12 zlib-1.1.3
>The components of each package are included in /usr/doc/installed.
>Tonight (after I'm done with my day job!), I'll be publishing other
>components: the packager (pkg) (which creates simple tarballs and 
>includes a install file watcher), the build steps, and the source 
>tarballs and various patch files.
>If I haven't mentioned it already...thanks in advance to testers!
>Linux Users Of Northern Illinois - Technical Discussion 
>luni at luni.org

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