mlppp with redhat 7.1 kernel 2.4.7 ppp 2.4.1

Mon Oncle lockmeup at
Wed Aug 1 07:42:29 EST 2001

> Hi, I've already setupped a dial-in/dial-out boxes to make multilink ppp
> between these 2  boxes. these one are setuped with redhat linux 6.2, ppp
> 2.3.11 and kernel 2.2.14. today, I try to setup the same but with Redhat 7.1,
> kernel 2.4.7 and ppp 2.4.1 and the 4 lines come up, when I hang up 1 line,
> everything is OK, but when I hang up the line number 1 (first to dial-out or
> first to dial-in, /dev/ttyS0), I lost the ppp0 device entry issue by ifconfig
> and nothing continue to work. this is my problem. I don't have this problem
> with 2.2.14 and ppp 2.3.11 yet, do I need to "downgrade"?  someone to help
> me???

sorry for my english mistakes.

thanks you
Gilles Levesque

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