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Mon May 31 22:35:04 MDT 2010

I had the problem with a data file and not the executable. The
executable was recompiled for the new Linux platform.

The problem has now been resolved.

The reason for this problem, seems to have been the default value of the
"dos charset" in SAMBA. It was CP850. I modified the parameter to have
ASCII as the value of the "dos charset" and restarted SAMBA and the
problem was solved.

Now I am able to open the data file from the software after mapping from
the Linux server using Samba.

Thanks and Regards,

Shailesh Saraph

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I would be VERY surprised if a SGI executable will run on a Linux  
server.  Do you know the CPU chip manufacturer and model?  Are they  

By design, if you have a tarred up file(s), they are byte identical  
when untarred.  I would tar them up, then use ftp or scp to move them  
over, and extract.
The BEST idea is ALWAYS to recompile.  This makes certain that all the  
appropriate libraries are being referenced.

Please advise your progress, or if I have mis understood your issue.

Gene Loriot
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