Error while compiling nisplus on centos 5.3

Darrel Hankerson hankedr at
Thu Apr 16 13:54:31 GMT 2009

upen writes:

    what do you think can be done regarding my
    issue? I have just noticed that here is another Cent os 5.2 which is
    already being used as nis+ client for the nis+ sun server.
    unfortunately I have no idea who or how this server is configured :( I
    don't see nis-utils directory source compiled on this 5.2 host but I
    find authentication works fine and with nfs home directory mounting. I
    see some programs like keylogin on centos 5.2.

I'd steal the config from the working system, especially since NIS+
is reaching end-of-life at Sun.  The only pieces we use on Linux are
keyserv, nis_cachemgr, pam_unix2 (that understands set_secrpc), and
lookup_nisplus delivered with autofs.  Old (32-bit) versions of
niscat, etc., work, however.  

I made only trivial changes to pam_unix2 (1.7) to compile on x86_64.  I
do not know the history on pam_unix2, only that portions involving NIS+
disappeared in more recent versions that I have.  Our Linux systems are

If you do manage to get nis-utils to compile, I'd be thrilled to hear

Darrel Hankerson

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