Error while compiling nisplus on centos 5.3

upen upendra.gandhi at
Thu Apr 16 13:31:39 GMT 2009

 hi Darrel,

 thanks for your comments, what do you think can be done regarding my
 issue? I have just noticed that here is another Cent os 5.2 which is
 already being used as nis+ client for the nis+ sun server.
 unfortunately I have no idea who or how this server is configured :( I
 don't see nis-utils directory source compiled on this 5.2 host but I
 find authentication works fine and with nfs home directory mounting. I
 see some programs like keylogin on centos 5.2.

> On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 9:53 PM, Darrel Hankerson <hankedr at> wrote:
>> upen writes:
>>   Downloaded nis-utils-1.4.1 and did ./configure which completed without
>>   any errors on this x86_64 host.
>> Another problem you may encounter is that recent pam_unix2 may be
>> stripped of some essentials, such as set_secrpc.  We used pam_unix2-1.7
>> with some modifications in src for Debian x86_64.  I did not attempt to
>> compile nisping, and the other utils (e.g., nis_cachemgr) are from
>> ancient 32-bit builds.
>> --
>> Darrel Hankerson
> --
> upen,
> emerge -uD life (Upgrade Life with dependencies)

emerge -uD life (Upgrade Life with dependencies)

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