Expiring NIS user account fails

Madhurjya P. Bora mpbora at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 10 04:54:47 GMT 2006

Hi All!

I have RedHat 8.0 server serving a LAN with NFS and
NIS. When I make an NIS user account to expire at a
certain date, this does not affect the user logging in
from any of my client machines. However, if I lock an
account or oermenantly disable the account, it becomes
effective. I do a 'make' in the /var/up dir after
locking an account or make it to expire at a date.

I would like to set up an expiry date for an NIS user
so that after that date, the user should not be able
to log in from any client or through the server. How
to make it possible?

I am running ypbind in every client and ypserv,
ypbind, and yppasswd in the server. I have shadow
password enabled.

Please help and advice.


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