cannot change password

Sylvia Gelman sgelman at
Wed Jan 18 08:04:01 GMT 2006

hope someone can help.
We are using NIS+ for years. Now I have problems changing nis+ passwords for users.
when using nispasswd, I get the following error:
Enter old NIS+ password:
Could not create conversion key !

after a keylogin, I get the following error:
Enter old NIS+ password:
ERROR: All auth attempts incorrect
        password not changed

after finding the message above, I tried passwd -r nisplus, now I get the following error:
passwd -r nisplus
Changing password for userx.
Old Password:
New password:
Re-enter new password:
FEHLER: Identifier invalid
         Password wurde nicht geändert
Error while changing the NIS+ password.
Fehler: Das Passwort wurde nicht geändert.
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

Any suggestions?


Sylvia Gelman

gene.loriot at wrote:
There was actually one, and only one user that had this problem with a
correctly authenticated environment.  I never figured it out, but this
was only one user.

Rule:  NEVER USE NISPASSWD      I don't understand why they don't just
zap it???

First off, on the client where you are going to do the password change,
become root and type   nisdefaults.   Be certain that the root user has
good credentials.  Also type a keylogin   enter the password as prompted
and be certain that you get the promtp back with no other messages.

Then as the user, do a keylogin.  If you get an error message this is
due to the nisplus password being different from the UNIX password.  As
root, to an "administrative principal" do a:  nisclient -co <user>
and set both passwords the same.

Be certain that there is no local password entery, and lastly use the
passwd -r nisplus.

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