nis+ & ssh

Darrel Hankerson hankedr at
Mon Apr 18 12:53:57 GMT 2005

"dave t" <d_dave at> writes:

   I made the edits to /etc/pam.d/login to look like the file you gave me
   and it disabled my telnet/nis+ login. I had to revert to my orignal
   login file. The system-auth made no difference either w/ ssh logins.

Wild guess: you use MD5 passwords but your ssh does not understand
these (i.e., your ssh expects passwords coded with the traditional
DES-like method).  openssh has a build option involving md5. 

On the other had, the change that broke telnet logins may be evidence
that this is a pam issue.

--Darrel Hankerson hankedr at

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