autofs is not working with NIS

Sergio Belkin sekinmor at
Sat Nov 13 20:49:35 GMT 2004

I have a NIS server and a NIS client, and I don't
achieve to work the autofs. I'd want to know what is
Some file contents on the server side:
** /etc/exports

** /etc/auto.master
/home    yp auto.home     --timeout=60
** /etc/auto.home
* -rw,nfs,soft,intr,nosuid,rsize=8192,wsize=8192

Both, on the server and client machines is running
ypbind. On the NIS server, are also running  ypserv, 
yppasswdd, portmap, nfslock, nfs, y nfalock. On the
client side autofs is running too.
The file /etc/yp.conf is as follows: 
domain midom server
The file /var/yp/securenet is as follows:

And /var/yp/Makefile is:
# Makefile for the NIS databases
# This Makefile should only be run on the NIS master
server of a domain.
# All updated maps will be pushed to all NIS slave
servers listed in the
# /var/yp/ypservers file. Please make sure that the
hostnames of all
# NIS servers in your domain are listed in
# This Makefile can be modified to support more NIS
maps if desired.

# Set the following variable to "-b" to have NIS
servers use the domain
# name resolver for hosts not in the current domain.
This is only needed,
# if you have SunOS slave YP server, which gets here
maps from this
# server. The NYS YP server will ignore the

# If we have only one server, we don't have to push
the maps to the
# slave servers (NOPUSH=true). If you have slave
servers, change this
# to "NOPUSH=false" and put all hostnames of your
slave servers in the file
# /var/yp/ypservers.

# We do not put password entries with lower UIDs (the
root and system
# entries) in the NIS password database, for security.
MINUID is the
# lowest uid that will be included in the password
maps. If you
# create shadow maps, the UserID for a shadow entry is
taken from
# the passwd file. If no entry is found, this shadow
entry is
# ignored.
# MINGID is the lowest gid that will be included in
the group maps.

# Should we merge the passwd file with the shadow file
# MERGE_PASSWD=true|false

# Should we merge the group file with the gshadow file
# MERGE_GROUP=true|false

# These are commands which this Makefile needs to
properly rebuild the
# NIS databases. Don't change these unless you have a
good reason.
AWK = /usr/bin/mawk
MAKE = /usr/bin/gmake
UMASK = umask 066


all:  passwd group hosts rpc services netid protocols
auto.master auto.home
	# mail netgrp publickey networks ethers bootparams
printcap \
	# amd.home auto.master auto.home auto.local
passwd.adjunct \
	# timezone locale netmasks

On the client side the /etc/yp.conf is the same as on
the server side.
*File /etc/passwd ends with:
*File /etc/group ends with:
File /etc/shadow ends with:
If I mount the /home directory by hand the users enter
into their exported homes, But that is not working if
using autofs, and the output is:
No directory /home/linux!
Logging in with home = "/".

And the  /var/log/messages output:
Nov 13 17:02:29 patrick ypserv[1144]: refused connect
from to procedure ypproc_match
Nov 13 17:02:32 patrick ypserv[1144]: refused connect
from to procedure ypproc_match

Of course I have read documentation, but I don't
realize how to solve this problem. I hope you could
help me. Thanks in advance!

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