NIS+ setup question

Howard Cheng cheng at
Thu Apr 1 03:10:31 GMT 2004


  I am trying to set up an NIS+ client on my Fedora Core I laptop.
I followed the NIS-HOWTO and got the authentication to work.  However,
I have two problems:

  1. When I boot my machine, xfs starts but dies (without any error
     messages) and so I cannot start X.  But starting "xfs -droppriv"
     as root will work and X will start.  Getting rid of nisplus from
     /etc/nsswitch.conf allows xfs to work again.

  2. I cannot change password with either passwd or nispasswd.  Here
     is what I get from passwd:

     Changing password for user cheng.
     New password:
     Retype new password:
     Old Password:
     ERROR: NIS+ server error
            password not changed
     Error while changing the NIS+ password.
     Error: Password NOT changed
     passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

     Interesting, the error is not always NIS+ server error.  Sometimes
     it complains that my old password is wrong (but it's not), and
     sometimes it complains about other things.

     If I used nispasswd, I got different errors but the return code
     is always 3 (Unexpected failure).

Any help for solving these problems would be greatly appreciated.


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