NIS+ Password Headaches

Maxwell Bottiger sleepylight at
Tue Nov 11 06:57:47 EST 2003

Hi all,
	I'd like to update the passwords for my client computer on a 
network using NIS+.  All the client PCs are x86 boxes running RedHat 9, 
and all the clients have the NIS+ client packages installed.  Oh, and the 
passwords I generated on the server from it's local configuration files 
all work for logging in.
	The problem is that now everything is up and I can't change it.  
Maybe I don't understand fully what I'm supposed to be changing, but I was
under the impression that much like NIS, I could just call passwd or
nispasswd from a client computer and change my password seamlesly.

Here's what is happening at the moment.

On the client side:

[mpbottig at host65-156 ~]$ passwd
Changing password for user mpbottig.
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

[mpbottig at host65-156 ~]$ nispasswd
Enter old NIS+ password:
Could not create conversion key !

[root at host65-156 mpbottig]# /usr/bin/nispasswd mpbottig
Enter old NIS+ password:
Enter RPC secure password:
Can't find unix.0 at Micro.Apgea.Army.Mil's secret key

On the server side:

> nispasswd
nispasswd:  Changing password for mpbottig
Enter login(NIS+) password:
passwd(SYSTEM): Sorry, wrong passwd
Permission denied

In either case I have tried both my normal login password, and the default 
"nisplus" password the installation scripts told me to use when "the 
nisclient script requests the nework password."  Nothing in any of the 
messages actually says 'network password', and I don't have a clear 
understanding of how a program like chkey ties into everything.

So, I guess I'm asking for someone to explain what the process should be 
for when users want to change their passwords in this sort of setup, and 
what I'm doing wrong so far.

Thanks for reading.

-Maxwell Bottiger

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