telnet authentication problems

wlwalker at wlwalker at
Tue May 20 06:02:18 EST 2003

Help?  I am able to log into my NIS+'ed Redhat 9 box on the console, but when I try to telnet in using the same account, I get a "user account has expired" error.  Both machines are time-sync'ed to the same time server.  My messages file logs: telnetd[2691]: ttloop: peer died: EOF and when I su to a NIS+ domain only account (vs someone who is in the local passwd file.), I have to chkey -p each time or else I'm not authenticated.

And, how do I automount a home directory out of the NIS+ space?  On Sun, I add +auto_master to the /etc/auto_master table.  When I try to log into the console of the linux box using a NIS+ domain only account, it tells me that I do not have a home directory and bounces me out.

Scott: I don't notice an appreciable extra length of time to add or make changes to a user on the NIS+ root master.  

Thank you again,

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