Nisplus problem diskless Suse8.1

Henrik Ridder henrik at
Wed Jun 4 21:41:03 EST 2003


We have a system with Solaris 2.6 nisplus server and a SuSE8.1 server that is a 
nisplus client.
Everything works perfectly.
Now I have a couple of diskless linux workstations that boots from SuSE server 
and here nisplus dosen't work perfectly.

The diskless workstations boots ok. A user can login and auto.home is working 
The home-dir is on the Solaris server.
As root on the diskless workstations niscat passwd.org_dir works. I'll get back 
the crypted password, but as the user I'll get back *NP*.

And if I as a user do "keylogin" I'll get back 
"Could not set unix.xxxx at's secret key
Maybe the keyserver is down?"

But I know that isn't because as root it works!

And on the SuSE server it works for both user and root.
And if I connect a linux client with harddrive in and setup nisplus it also 

If anybody as tips I'll should be a very happy man. Because i'm banging my head 
against the keyboard right now.



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