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Ravi Kiran b_ravi_kiran at
Fri Jul 25 13:16:54 EST 2003

Hello Everybody,
                      Hello Iam an inexperienced system admin and need  help from NIS+ gurus with regards to the autofs behavior under NIS+ environment. 

I am successful in getting my RedHat 9.0 client systems authenticated by my solaris 7.0 NIS+ server. The client machines can successfully mount user home directories based on the successful user login using autofs.

My setting is as follows: Its a University environment. 

Solaris NIS+ server also serves diskless solaris autoclients, hence exports the shell as "/usr/xpg4/bin/sh". Iam trying to use the same exported shell even for the diskfull RedHat Linux 9.0 systems. Hence created a directory using 
"mkdir -p /usr/xpg4/bin" and linked the linux shell as "ln -s /bin/sh   /usr/xpg4/bin/sh"

I have 2 problems with this setting
1) After a user logs out and shutsdown/reboots the client machine (since we use dual boot XP/Linux machines), during the shutdown automount service cannot unmount says "device busy" and kills the deamon resulting in "RPC send mesg error 101". How can I unmount user directory as soon as user logs out even without shutting down/rebooting the system.

2) This follows from my first problem.I have declared my mount point in the /etc/auto.master file as 
    "/home    nisplus:auto_home  --timeout 120" and nothing else. 
After user has logged in  "pwd" shows "/home/userID" which is right.  

To be clear my "/etc/nsswitch.conf" reads "automount:files".

After several minutes if I logon as another user and type "cd .." I still see those previous user directories ( literally all who logged in that client machine) present there. I removed the network connection and tried but all the directories are cached on the client machine(I dont want this). As soon as the user logs off, his/her directory should be unmounted. How can I achieve this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ravi Kiran 

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