customize user login access to specific directory how to ?

francisk at francisk at
Mon Jul 21 20:34:35 EST 2003

Hi ! NIS developer
I am using redhat 8 setup the nis server and client which now they 
can talk to each others.

I am trying to work out "the user access to specific directory 
based on his login name or login id." Not very strong in shell 
script programming. hope anyone can assist.

In /home/amish/jane/.bash_profile how do I let user jane to access to 
a specific directory only everytime when he login with his login name. 

For example, 
jane can access to his directory on any client machines in the 
network. Their access right (to access the directory) is depend on 
the user login name or UID. user_sales can only access to 
marketing directory. whereas, User_casher can only access to 
accouting directory.

I have setup the following in my nis server to make it available 
to other clients to share. 

How can I write a program at user's profile 
(/home/amish/jane/.bsh_profile) to let user access 
his directory when he login. I can not use fstab because fstab is 
specific to the hostname. If user try to access to other computer 
within the network then it won't be able to access his department or 
specific directory.
I am new to linux programming, I am trying to pick up along 
the way. 
Appreciate if anyone can help.


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