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Thu Jan 30 15:43:52 EST 2003

I’m trying to setup linux workstations to authenticate to a linux 
server. I have no problems with windows clients authenticating on 
my lan – using samba and domain logins – works beautifully. I hope 
to avoid having to setup each user individually on the linux 
workstation as well as the server and believe nis is the way to go. I 
run ipchains firewall on the server, and cannot figure the rules as I 
can’t find any info on the ports nis uses. I’ve added the following 
rules to open portmap in ipchains:

-A input -s     -d 0/0 111 -p tcp -y -j 
-A input -s     -d 0/0 111 -p udp -i eth0 -j 

This doesn’t help. However if I flush ipchains, then I can logon from 
the linux workstation. So I’m sure ipchains is the problem. If you run 
with ipchains, what is the ruleset you use? Or if you don’t run a 
firewall on your server I’d like to know how you implement security.

Thanks if you have the time.
Keith Stewart
Stewartkc1 at

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