nis group name appear as gid at client site

francisk at francisk at
Wed Aug 13 14:53:17 EST 2003

Hi ! Nis user
I am using debian 3 for nis server and client.
I have setup nis server and client working but I have one problem.
It seem that the etc/group at nis server is not propagate to client. 
Even after i do "make" at /var/yp.

At client,  when I type "ll"

drw------ 8 it 101 4096 Aug 13 12:25 it

At server, when I type "ll"	

drw------ 8 it MIS 4096 Aug 13 12:25 it

The GID for MIS is 101. How can make the client to appear Group 
Name (MIS) instead of Group ID (101).

Appreciate if you can help.


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