Nisplus - su ok, login not ok

aaron at aaron at
Fri Aug 8 02:30:35 EST 2003

Greetings all.  I am hoping that someone can assist me with the following issue.

I have set up nis-utils 1.4.1 on a Gentoo system.  It it almost completely
function except that i cannot login to the system using an NIS+ user.

The server is a Sun server and the username works fine on all of the Sun
clients.  In addition, i am able to su to the NIS+ user from root on the linux
system.  However whenever i try to login from the console or from an ssh
connection the login is rejected.

I will try to provide as many details as i can:

-The system is using pam.  I have tried both the original pam login file and the
one modified to use  Nether one allows the NIS+ user to login.  
-nsswitch.conf has "compat nisplus" for passwd, group and shadow as well as
-As root on the linux client i can niscat <map>.org_dir and see all of the resutls.
-su to the NIS+ user works fine and even mounts the home dir.
-I simply get a "Login Incorrect" error when i try to login from the console. 
If i remove nisplus from nsswitch.conf (passwd, group and shadow) i get user
-nisdefaults shows that at least root is authenticated.
-portmap, keyserv, ncsd, nis_cachemgr are all running.
-keylogin -r works fine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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