machines being hacked??!!!

Kristen McFadden kjm31 at
Fri Sep 6 17:53:46 EST 2002

Hi, I have a bunch of RedHat 7.2 NIS+ clients set up. 
On them I have nis-utils-1.4.1 and pam_unix2.  Out of
the several RH 7.2 machines here, we have had 2
hacked, both of which happened to be one of the very
few NIS+ clients (we run both NIS and NIS+ here).  I
am wondering if anybody had this problem.  Does it
have to do specifically with settings that NIS+ puts
in?  Are there rpms on Redhat that I should be
especially looking for as seriously needed patches?

Basically, I inherited a bunch of RH 7.2 machines that
were 'selectively patched' ie. only patches for
programs that were actually used were put on -- even
if programs were installed.  I'm really nervous now
and need to figure out what is causing the hacks and
why it only seems to happen to the NIS+ clients.  What
major packages does NIS+ utilize?  Thanks

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