Almost there - revisit

Bruce Baumgart baumgaba at
Thu Oct 31 03:47:39 EST 2002

First, thanks to those who wrote to try and help.  Tried almost all of the 
suggestions, but nothing got me any further.

Synopsis of problem

Server - Solaris 8; client - Redhat 7.3; nisutils - 1.4.1; client is a 
member of subdomain
Login as root, nisdefaults show machine as principle and authenticated
Login as NIS+ user, get logged in using NIS+ information (password, shell), 
but nisdefaults show user as not authenticated
Even when issued by root, niscat works, nisls gives subdomain.domain.:not 
served by this server

This point is sufficient for what I need, but would like to get it 
completely working.

Has anybody gotten a subdomain to work?

Bruce Baumgart                  This space intentionally left blank.
Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC

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