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Fri Nov 1 09:59:31 EST 2002

On Fri, 1 Nov 2002, Robert Edwards wrote:

> ... As Linus Torvalds says (I believe it is him): "Show us the source,
> Luke". Then this "serious problem" goes away for you!

I believe it's "USE the Source, Luke."   But it's not important.

> I still don't understand why anyone is running stuff in "compat" mode - isn't
> this just the same as plain old NIS/YP? Why would you bother running nisplus
> in compat mode?

We ran our server in "compat" mode for a while when some of our
clients couldn't handle NIS+, only plain NIS/YP.  As I recall (perhaps
wrongly) the NIS+ clients communicated securely, while the "compat"
clients used the old techniques.  It's useful during a transition
from plain NIS to NIS+, but useless otherwise.  It *may* still be
necessary if you want client Macs running OS X.

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