Carroll, Jim P jcarro10 at
Wed May 8 00:15:56 EST 2002

Dirk Glöde wrote:
> I have the same problem, but nobody can help me. NIS+ with one
> domain works fine. With subdomains only problems. On summer Sun
> will make its own linux. I have read with Sun persons on last Sun Day.
> The Sun linux works with NIS+, so I must waiting for this.

Interesting.  I was aware of Sun's Linux initiative, but not this tidbit
regarding NIS+ on Linux.

Not to be the bearer of grim tidings, but it seems that Sun will be
promoting (and is currently in the process of rolling out internally) the
Sun ONE Directory Server (formerly iPlanet Directory Server) with LDAP.
They expect to have their own rollout completed by the summer.

I'm currently trying to come up to speed on LDAP, mainly with setting up an
LDAP server on Solaris.


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