redhat 7.2 NIS+ client

Darrel Hankerson hankedr at
Tue Jun 25 02:09:27 EST 2002

"Kristen J. McFadden" <kjm31 at> writes:

   I am completely new to NIS+ and have inherited a Solaris 8 NIS+
   server.  We have some new Linux (redhat 7.2) boxes and we want to set
   them up as NIS+ clients to this server.  However, I'm not even sure
   where to begin.
I use debian-based systems, but I have installed on RedHat 7.1 (possibly
7.2) and I don't recall having to load anything other than what was
shipped with RedHat (but I may have forgotten details).

   I read a post from back in December where the respondent suggested
   NOT to use the nis-utils-1.4 release -- instead to use 1.3, and I am
   wondering if people have been able to use the latest nis-utils-1.4.1
   release and make it work.

I use 1.3 on Debian, so I cannot comment.

   1. What do I have to do on the Solaris server machine to make it work?

Since secure-NFS doesn't work with Linux, there is very little that
must be done on the Solaris side unless the linux machine is to get
special privileges.  Note that Solaris 7 or newer can use longer
modulii (longer than 192-bit), which are not understood by the Linux

   2. I don't think I need a pam-aware login.  I guess then I wouldn't
   have to compile the pam_unix stuff -- or is it a requirement for
   nisplus support?

I think you want a pam-aware login so that the keylogin occurs
(see "set_secrpc" in the pam docs).
3.  Any other pointers for how to set it up properly?

Modify /etc/nsswitch.conf.  Note that you probably want dns lookups
in addition to nisplus.  Clocks on the server and clients need to
be reasonably close.

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