Red Hat 7.1 won't boot after NIS+ install

Yang Jian jim.yang at
Thu Feb 28 23:25:55 EST 2002

I have fix these problem via
Modift the /etc/pam.d/system_auth file to next

#auth        sufficient    /lib/security/ set_secrpc
auth        sufficient    /lib/security/ likeauth nullok md5
auth        required      /lib/security/
account     sufficient    /lib/security/ set_secrpc
account     sufficient    /lib/security/
account     required      /lib/security/
password    required      /lib/security/ retry=3
password    sufficient    /lib/security/ set_secrpc
password    sufficient    /lib/security/ nullok use_authtok md5
password    required      /lib/security/
session     required      /lib/security/
session     required      /lib/security/

It can login from telnet now.

But I have an other strange problem. On the sun nis+ server I can rlogin to
redhat 7.0 machine. But on the other sun machine(which is client) in out
I can't rlogin to the redhat 7.0 machine. Its report "login timeout after 60
But RSH can use on these sun machines. And on the redhat7.0 machine I can
rlogin the these nis+ client machines also. I don't know what's wrong with

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Subject: Red Hat 7.1 won't boot after NIS+ install

> My Red Hat 7.1 system will not boot since installing the NIS+ tools (I
> NIS 1.3 tools). I get a message that an application "kdmgreet" crashed and
> caused a SIGSEGV 11. I used the instructions from:
> http://www.linux-nis-org/nis-howto/HOWTO/x332.html to install
> Any suggestions to get me going again would be appreciated.
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