NIS+ on Mandrake 8.1

Steve Plemmons plemmons at
Sat Feb 23 05:01:16 EST 2002


Has anyone had success getting NIS+ to work with Mandrake 8.1?


I'm so close..


All of the NIS+ accounts show up in the KDE login screen, but I can't
use any of them to login.  If I login as root, then I can use niscat to
view all of the tables correctly.  I even have autofs working and can cd
into all of the autofs directories being served up through my NIS+


I've double checked my nsswitch.conf file and it seems to be correct


It's frustrating because all of the mechanics of the NIS+ client are
working, the information is being communicated properly, I simply can't


Any ideas?




Steve Plemmons

plemmons at

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