urgent nis+ help requested as deadline is near

Aaron Cheek aaron_cheek at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 29 10:00:56 EST 2002


Well, I don't know what the problem is exactly, but
according to the error message (Couldn't connect to
rpc.nisd on host.lab.mydomain.edu (x.x.x.x)) I would
say that it might be a connectivity problem.

This is how I would debug your situation:

First, determine what the nisd port is in your NIS+
server. To do so, run rpcinfo -p | grep nisd in it.

Then, run a sniffer in the linux client, while doing
the nisinit -c operation:

tcpdump -n host <NIS+_server_IP_address>

(You can do it also in the NIS+ server side with snoop
if you feel more comfortable with it).

See if the linux client and the NIS+ server are
exchanging data through the nisd ports you determined

Notice that before exchanging NIS+ data, the linux
client must find out what the nisd port is in the NIS+
server, so it must first contact the portmapper on the
NIS+ server (which is running on port 111) to ask for
this information.

So, in summary, you should see traffic to destination
NIS+ server port 111, followed by traffic to the NIS+
server nisd port.

One thing that comes up to my mind is that something
might be blocking access to port 111 or the nisd port
in the server (tcpwrappers, firewall, etc.).

If this goes well, we should look in other direction.
Report your findings...


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