nis+ client setup problems in RH7.3 using KDE

Ravi Kiran b_ravi_kiran at
Fri Dec 27 13:32:03 EST 2002

Hello everybody,
Iam a newbie into this field working as a make shift sys admin. Iam trying to set up NIS+ client on rehat7.3 linux(server being a solaris 8.0 server already sercving solaris clients). Previously I could succesfully get NIS+ running on a RH 7.3 built as a prototype(running gnome) using the configuration steps given by Marc Wrubleski. Now Iam trying to get it work with KDE instead of gnome and its giving me some problems. 

Previously while using gnome after properly installing nis-utils-1.4.1even without adding credentials to the new machine on the server, I could successfully run the command niscat passwd.org_dir and view all the paswords served by the NIS+ server.

Now when I again try to do the same for KDE I recieve rpc.nisd not started. when I say niscat passwd.org_dir client replies nisplus service not installed or setup properly.(note:I havent created any client machine credentials yet) . Is there any difference between KDE and gnome when using NIS+. 

Thanking all you guys in anticipation,

Ravi Kiran

.I would appreciate if anybody could give me a step by step instruction. Please help. 

Ravi Kiran 

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