NIS+ doubts about groups and compatibility mode

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Tue Aug 20 09:43:45 EST 2002

Mauricio Brigato wrote:
> I'm testing the client box Red Hat 7.2.
> My status is:
> - I can authenticate my client on NIS+ server solaris.
> But I have some troubles;
> 1) Do I have to create a group and put my users there
> or this is not quite necessary?

Are you referring to a netgroup or just a normal unix group? Each unix user
should be in a primary group, which can be shared or per-user.

> 2) I can't mount NFS /home on client side /home.
> My /etc/auto.master is so:
> /home nisplus:auto_home rsize=8192,wsise=8192,timeo=14,intr

1) is autofs running on your client (and did you restart it since modifying

2) it is worth pointing out that /home itself does not mount in this
But /home/user1 should. eg. you should be able to "ls /home/user1" (where
is a user in your auto_home map).

If it doesn't mount for the "ls", then try manually mounting it as root:
"mount server1:/home/user1 /mnt/tmp" (or some other mount point). This is
just to check that the server for /home/user1 (server1) is actually exporting
this file system to your client.

Also, as an aside, it makes sense to not have user directories in /home on
the server, but in some other file system. We usually use /data0 on each
system, and /data1 etc. if a server has more than one user area. Then run
automount on the server as well to give the mapping to /home. This way, user
home directories can be on several (many) different servers, but all appear
in /home on every machine (server or client).


Bob Edwards.

> Anyone has any ideas?
> Thanks in advance.
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>       Mauricio Brigato
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