a problem with dcop onlu on new users

J ji jabalio at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 7 02:57:32 EST 2002

Hello everybody,
i am a new student for system admin. I have replaced my old system
guy. I was trying to set up new user accounts in my lab which consists of 
unix and linux machines , have NFS server set up with NIS+. for All the new 
accounts that i set up i ran a script so that it would update the amd.home 
file on all linux machines also. I have a big problem now that the new users 
can still not login on the linux boxes it gives the follwing error :

" There was an error setting up inter-process communications for kde.
The messgae returned bythe system was .
Could not read network connection list.
/home/Thomas/.DCOPserver_shudder_:0 . Please check that the
  "dcopserver" program is running! "

  Here Thomas is the new user that i created and the machine's name is
  shudder.From my previous posts : Other users can login on the same 
machine, I  also saw some posts about changing the rights it complains
about but, i saw my rights , they already are
lrwxrwxrwx 1 thomas mmrn 38 Aug 6 10:38 .DCOPserver_shudder ->

Also, otherusers have the same rights . I just dont know what i am doin 
wrong for these new useraccounts that i created.

  There is a lot of havoc in the lab and people really have become hostile 
because one of the new user is one of my boss. Please help me in this 
regard. I would really appreciate it.                    Thanks in advance.

>From: Marc Wrubleski <mlwruble at math.ucalgary.ca>
>To: J ji <jabalio at hotmail.com>
>CC: linux-nisplus at lists.samba.org
>Subject: Re: a problem with setting new machine on th network..
>Date: 30 Jul 2002 16:44:16 -0600
>Take a look at
>Marc Wrubleski
>On Tue, 2002-07-30 at 13:17, J ji wrote:
> >
> > hello guuys,
> > i ahve a problem. I have an existing network set up as a nis+ with 
> > on it. Now i have to set up and add a new machine on the network and 
> > add it in the nis tables etc.
> > i dont know how to add a new machine . can somebody plz let me know the
> > detailed step by step instruction for me
> > the nfs serevr is a solaris m/c, and all the clients have redhat linux
> > installed on them.
> > thanks in advance,
> > regards
> > jabalio
> >
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