nscd problems

Robert Greimel greimel at ing.iac.es
Mon Apr 15 22:48:42 EST 2002


I am having problems with nscd and nisplus under Redhat 7.2

If the stock nscd-2.2.4-19.3 is started then any external (ssh, haven't tried
telnet) login from users which are in the NIS+ password table are not
successful and sshd logs a "Failed password" message in /var/log/secure.
ssh logins from users in the local password table work ok.

When nscd is disabled then remote NIS+ based logins work as expected again.

I then updated to nscd-2.2.5-32 from rawhide, but this just dies as soon as
an ssh login is performed.

[root at yyyyy root]# nscd -d
3004: handle_request: request received (Version = 2)
3004:   GETSTAT
3004: handle_request: request received (Version = 2)
3004:   GETPWBYNAME (xxxxx)
3004: Haven't found "xxxxx" in password cache!
Segmentation fault

Any ideas ?



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