problems changing password

Darrel Hankerson hankedr at
Fri Apr 5 07:49:49 EST 2002

   $ passwd
   New password:
   Retype new password:
   Old Password:
   ERROR: Identifier invalid
	  password not changed
   Error while changing the NIS+ password.
   Error: Password NOT changed
   passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

This sequence does not appear to be correct.  The prompt for the old
password should be first.

   $ nispasswd
   Enter old NIS+ password: 
   Enter new password: 
   Re-enter new password: 
   NIS+ password information changed for <user>
   NIS+ credential information changed for <user>

We run NIS+ on Debian, but I also have a RedHat test machine which was
used for the above.

   *maybe* Linux is trying to cram MD5 into the passwd table, and Solaris 
   isn't too happy about it.  I suspect this is the problem, but don't
   know which file to tweak to return to the basic crypto.

I suspect you have RedHat.  If so, the file you seek is
/etc/sysconfig/authconfig, but I don't think it explains your

I have not debugged the problem, but I cannot use the supplied
passwd entry in nsswitch.nisplus.  Instead, I have

   passwd: files nisplus

I'm uncertain if this has anything to do with your question.  Wild
guess: do you mistakenly have an /etc/passwd entry for the test user?

--Darrel Hankerson hankedr at

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