NIS+ slowdown when servers are not reachable

Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at
Fri Sep 28 16:34:45 EST 2001

On Thu, Sep 27, Stefan Wengi wrote:

> Hi,
> sounds very similar to my problems I had with NIS+ on RedHat 7.1
> glibc seems to have a bug in the server detection routine.
> I posted a bug report to the GNU glibc gnats db (id is `libc/2520') but
> no reaction so far.

Sorry for not answering yet, I don't had the time to look deeper at
it. In the moment I can only say that your fix is completly wrong and
makes the slowdown the people are speaking here much worser.

The only real solution is: Somebody has to implememt the nis_cachemgr
correct so that not every program has to search again for a server.


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